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Our current focus is on providing food and clothing to neighbors in need through our Food Pantry programs, which have been a life saver for many during the pandemic. We hope to offer additional programming in the near future.

At the Mosser Village Family Center, we have offered a variety of programs and services focused on improving the lives of community members. From July, 2017 to April, 2018, we helped our community through the following programs.


  • 241 families including 1,250 people, 363 adults, 307 children, and 112 elderly were served.
  • Food Pantry families received food 1,181 times
  • Beginning April 1, 2017 the food pantry began a new program for senior citizens named Commodity Supplemental Food Program. It distributes an additional pre-packed box of shelf stable products and processed cheese. This is above what they already receive from the food pantry at Mosser Village.88 seniors are currently enrolled in the program
    They are eligible to receive the boxes monthly
    From July 1, 2017, to January 31, 2018, over 90,000 pounds of food has been distributed to families in need in the community


  • The family center accepts donations of clothing, household items, toys, and books for adults and children. Anyone is welcome to take the items they need. In 2017-2018 the area was utilized 314 times according to our sign in sheets, but not everyone remembers to sign in each time they utilize it


    • Due to limited funding, a reduced summer program was held Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 9am-1pmwith seven children.
    • The children received breakfast and lunch. They cooked daily and had a nutrition lesson related to the food they cooked.
    • Activities included daily reading to themselves and to therapy dogs; nature walks; arts and crafts, games of foosball, air hockey, and board games; and outdoor activities.


  • Free flu and pneumonia shots clinic was held in October 2017 in collaboration with the Allentown Health Bureau.
  • At the same time, a blood drive was held for Miller-Keystone Blood Center on the same day.  Nine potential donors signed up and six were eligible to donate blood.


  • Halloween “Spooky Woods” Event: 250 children and accompanying adults were treated to an old-fashioned hay ride and a walk through the haunted woods manned by board members and volunteers. Candy, hot chocolate and warm cider was distributed to the chilly riders after they completed the ride.
  • Christmas Party: Two retired teachers volunteered to make arts and crafts with the children while they waited for the party to begin.  A Juvenile Probation Officer performed a puppet show of “The Night Before Christmas.” Dinner was served. Families of 77 children selected a gift they needed and a gift they wanted.  A staff person from the PA Department of Welfare identified sponsors for 51 children in need of Christmas gifts; Johnstone Supply increased their commitment to 19 children; Lehigh County Juvenile Probation requested 5 children;  and 2 individuals purchased gifts.   Children received the gift they needed from Santa Claus and had their picture taken with an instant camera so each child went home with a gift and a picture. The parents took home the gift the child wanted to be opened Christmas morning.
  • Holiday Hams: The remaining hams donated by Hatfield that were not used for the Christmas dinner were utilized for holiday dinner boxes packed by our food pantry staff. They were able to make 45 ham dinners for families who utilize the food pantry.
  • Easter Egg Hunt: Mosser Village participated in a community Easter egg hunt on March 31, 2018, at Keck Park. The family center staff filled 2,500 eggs with candy plus an additional 2,900 eggs were donated by the Village Partners Program (under the auspice of Big Brothers and Big Sisters), Community Bike Works and East Side Memorial Little League.  Over 100+ children participated in the egg hunt.


  • Each year Johnstone Supply purchases back packs and school supplies for distribution at Mosser Village. There are always children in need of back packs and school supplies year round.  30 children received filled backpacks this school year. We still have school supplies and a few extra back packs to distribute when there are children in need.
  • Other services are provided for the community and are not tallied. These include fax services, copier use, and referrals to other appropriate agencies.
  • During the primary and general elections, the family center is a polling site and holds a bake sale.